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Koyo Bearings – Learn the History Behind The Quality Products

Meet the maker

JTEKT Organization was brought into the world on January first 2006 from the blend of two organizations: Toyoda Machine Works and Koyo Seiko Co. The fundamental interest of this organization is centered around the car space, which incorporates a mechanical base that has developed because of numerous long stretches of difficult work and assembling hardware for vehicles. What’s more, the set of experiences doesn’t end here. JTEKT plans to proceed with its incredible work and to fulfill the necessities and bearings suppliers of numerous clients that have made a custom out of buying quality items.

The story

The story behind JTEKT is basic and attempts to focus on the designing and assembling thoughts that assist this area with creating. Included here are huge orientation that have an external width of up to 7 meters, yet additionally little direction that have inside measurements of up to 1 mm. With the assistance of the freshest and most current gear, innovation and materials, the organization plans to make half and half clay course and furthermore a scope of climate orientation that can fit the unbending and additional requesting solicitations of the contemporary ventures. Today, JTEKT is one of the heads of the US and of the overall business of current course.

The enterprise dreams to be important for the main 10 providers of auto parts. What’s more, they are not a long ways behind since all that they do, they do it with a feeling of dependability and quality. In Japan, the organization possesses the main situation in the controlling framework and overall it involves the subsequent position. JTEKT has figured out how to gain the trust and appreciation of numerous modern producers or automakers from everywhere the globe. This happened for the most part in light of the fact that the organization attempts to be steady in its efficiency and execution. Also that it was the primary organization to create hydroelectric and electric power guiding frameworks.

Besides, JTEKT has utilized the specialized base that had been laid out with the assistance of these materials made to create different items (production line mechanization, accuracy instruments, electronic gadgets, heat treatment heaters and so on.)


The organization is ISO/TS 16949 and 14001 ensured at 8 assembling spots. This comes as verification that Koyo actually upholds the prosperity and security of the climate. Orientation are vital for each machine.

There’s a Koyo bearing for each need

It doesn’t make any difference assuming that your application prerequisite is Modern Post-retail, Auto OEM, Modern OE or Car and Substantial Secondary selling on the grounds that Koyo can truly fit all your bearing necessities. In the event that things get excessively troublesome, Koyo can likewise think of sets of cross breed earthenware course, clean ace and outrageous exceptional climate direction.

You can build central processor or move heaven and earth. One way or another, the Koyo items will make the best out of your administrations and items. It relies upon the partnership to accomplish the hard mission of confronting the developing modern necessities. There are north of 100,000 choices for ball or roller course, around 80 years of involvement and 3 specialized fixates that are centered around growing new items and exploration. With these numbers, one might say that Koyo is an astounding decision.

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