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Role of Solenoid Valves in Marine

Ship operators have to deal with many problems such as managing the flow rate, pressure, and the direction of the fluid. These problems need to be solved for the smooth running of all the operations and to run the ship accurately. If the fluid can not be controlled in the pipelines it will disturb all the operations and overall performance of the ship. 

More Info:

Flow control valves are widely used on ships to perform various tasks from regulating the fresh water to pressurizing the hydraulic systems, various types of valves are used on all the ships. Further, these solenoid proportional valve are used to control the flow rate of the fluid and pressure in many systems of ships. Additionally, they are also used to move slurries, gases, vapours and other combinations. Each valve serves a different purpose such as:

Here we have listed some roles that electronic flow control valves serve in Marines:

Control Oil and Gas:

Solenoid proportional valves are used to control the flow of the oil and gases in the ships, they maintain the precise flow rate, and pressure and define a direction for the flow of the fluid. As we know that ships are equipped with a lot of devices and equipment that have to work accurately to run the whole ship smoothly. So to get that precision and to control the flow of the oil and gas various types of control valve with solenoid are used on the ships. 

Prevent Leakage and Ensure the Safe Transmission of Fluids:

solenoid proportional valves that are equipped on the ships never let the flow rate of the fluid, pressure and temperature go up from the limit of the systems. In this way, these valves provide an element of safety. However, they reduce the risk of leakage by keeping the pressure low as per the need.

They let the fluid flow as per the set value of the operator and transport the fluid from one place to the other while keeping everything under control. 

Prevent the Backflow:

In the ships, valves are also used to prevent the backflow of the fluid. These valves let the fluid flow in only one direction to perform a specific task or to send the fluid from one place to the other. These valves are commonly known as check valves and they come in handy in situations where backflow can cause a severe issue. 

Final Words:

Solenoid proportional valves play a vital role in marines by ensuring the safe and accurate operations of all the systems. These valves deliver strong control over various processes ad provides an element of safety. When the ships are in the sea then they must outperform and there are no chances of mistakes. This accuracy is achieved with the help of the Proportional flow control valves. They serve various purposes in the ships. 

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