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Top 5 Free Online AI Background Generators in 2024

Top 5 Free AI Background Generators You Must Try in 2024

Are you struggling to make your Instagram photos pop? Do you want to create professional snapshots of products that drive more sales? Using an AI photo background generator is your answer!

With these powerful AI tools, creating professional-grade photos is easier and more accessible! This article will introduce the five best free AI background generators for all your photo transformations. Whether you are a photographer, an online store owner, or an influencer, these tools can make your life much easier.

Let’s get started!

Part 1. What is an AI Background Generator?

AI background creators are the one-click solution to replace the background in your photos. They use advanced AI algorithms to add new backgrounds that perfectly complement your photo. And you won’t need dedicated photo editors or technical expertise to do it!

However, not all of these AI tools work the same. Some provide automated background generation based on the key attributes of your picture. At the same time, others require you to write a detailed text prompt to generate a specific backdrop.

They also offer additional photo editing tools, such as realistic shadows and color adjustments to enhance your images. Let’s explore some of the best free backdrop generators in the next part.

Part 2. Top 5 Free AI Background Generators

AI background creators are innovative tools to upscale your images instantly. But let’s just face it! Not everyone can afford them. Hence, we’ve gathered the best free AI backdrop generators. These tools offer several advanced features despite their free access.

Let’s learn more about these below!

1.   insMind

insMind is a powerful online AI background generator that automatically generates studio-quality backgrounds for free. With a rich library of over 100,000 backgrounds, the possibilities for creativity are endless.

The best thing about insMind is its smart capability to adapt to your photo’s aesthetic. Whether it’s a product image or a portrait, it can understand its mood and create a backdrop that compliments it perfectly. You can also use it to enhance, resize, and expand images.

Here are some pros and cons of using this advanced AI platform.


  • It provides automated, high-quality background generation in a single click.
  • You don’t need to write text prompts to generate backdrops.
  • It is highly content-aware and adapts to your photo’s vibe.
  • You can edit all elements of your photo with AI technology.
  • It’s an online tool; you can use it on both Windows and Mac.


  • You cannot use it online on your smartphone.

Let’s move ahead to the next AI tool!

2.   Photoroom

Photoroom is another online photo editor with several advanced AI tools. Its AI background generator lets you create professional-grade images in seconds. With a focus on e-commerce, this platform can help you showcase your products in the perfect light. But you can also use it for portraits and objects.

Here are the pros and cons of using Photoroom.


  • It generates realistic backgrounds that match your photo’s mood.
  • It offers eight types of AI backgrounds with different scenes.
  • It splits the backdrop and object into separate layers for individual editing.
  • You can design a template and apply it to various images at once.


  • AI backgrounds may not accurately portray your photo’s vibe.
  • You can generate only one AI background for free.
  • The free version puts a watermark on your photos.

Let’s explore another excellent AI platform below.

3.   Pixelcut

Another powerful free background generator is Pixelcut! It provides a cross-platform solution for replacing dull backdrops in your photos. With Pixelcut, you can add lifelike environments to your photos and enhance their visual appeal.

You can choose from beaches, industrial, artistic, and more. It also lets you add solid colors as the backdrop for a modern and minimalist vibe.

Let’s find out its best features and areas it may lack.


  • It generates backgrounds complementary to the object’s pose and angle.
  • You can add realistic places and scenes as the backdrops.
  • It is available online and as a mobile app, ensuring easy access.


  • You can generate only four backgrounds per image for free.
  • It has a slow processing speed and may get stuck at times.

4.   Piscart

PicsArt is one of the best photo editing platforms that lets you generate stunning backgrounds. What’s unique about this AI background generator is the ability to get instant backdrops from text prompts. It also offers a large variety of pre-generated scenes to use along with the prompts. Plus, you can upscale your photo quality and add some cool effects.

Let’s find out some pros and cons of using this platform.


  • Text-to-image generation lets you create backgrounds based on your vision.
  • You can customize the backgrounds with relevant text prompts.
  • It also offers automatic backdrops based on your photo’s attributes.


  • It is accessible only with a 7-day free trial, then you must buy it to use it.
  • It can be slow and laggy at times.

Let’s move on to the last tool on our list of top 5!

5.   Capcut

Capcut is one of the best online platforms for creating custom backgrounds. Compared to other tools on our list, Capcut uses AI technology to remove the background. After that, you can use its vast library of photo templates to replace the backdrop with a scene that complements your photos. It also offers a full suite of advanced solutions to edit your photos fully.

Here are the pros and cons of using Capcut.


  • It provides a flexible solution to add new backgrounds to your photos.
  • You can fully customize the background pictures to your liking.
  • It offers various preset background templates for different scenarios.


  • No automatic background generation is available.
  • Searching for a suitable backdrop can be time-consuming.
  • You need to manually edit to make the output look realistic.

That’s all about the best free AI background generators! Now, let’s move forward and explore the benefits that make them so unique.

Part 3. Benefits of Using AI Photo Background Remover

Captivating backgrounds are the key to creating scroll-stopping pictures! The right backgrounds can perfectly complement your products and add to their appeal. From photographers to content creators and marketers, you can benefit from their advanced features no matter who you are.

Let’s look at the key benefits of these tools across various scenarios.

  • Unique Social Media Posts: Stand out from the rest! With background remover tools like insMind, you can create unique posts to add more depth to your online identity.
  • Create Polished Profiles: Looking to snatch your dream job? You can turn your casual snaps into professional portraits with backdrop creator AI tools.
  • Upscale Marketing: Showcase your products in the perfect light with AI tools. You can add industry-specific backgrounds to create catchy visuals.
  • Drive Conversions: Turn leads into buyers by creating studio-quality backdrops unique to your brand. You can personalize your product shots and drive more sales without much effort.
  • Repurpose Images: You can change the whole vibe of your picture by using different backgrounds. It lets you customize one image to use across various platforms and purposes.


AI background creators let you lift your casual shots to cool and captivating images. No matter who you are professionally, AI photo background generators can streamline your creative process. There are various tools at your disposal, each with its own set of pros and cons.

Among all, insMind stands out as the best free AI background generator. It generates high-quality backdrops perfectly aligned with your photo’s aesthetics. Give it a try and upscale your images to professional shots with effortless photo editing!

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