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Car Lockout

Unlocking Solutions: What to Do During a Car Lockout

Experiencing a car lockout can be frustrating, but knowing how to handle the situation calmly and efficiently can help you get back on the road quickly. Here’s what you need to know about dealing with a car lockout in New Castle PA.

Steps to Take During a Car Lockout

1. Stay Calm and Assess the Situation

  • Panicking won’t help. Take a moment to assess your surroundings and check if there’s any immediate help available.

2. Check for Spare Key

  • If you have a spare key, try to retrieve it. It might be with a family member, friend, or stored in a safe location.

3. Contact a Professional Locksmith

  • Professional locksmiths specialize in unlocking vehicles without causing damage. Look for one that offers car emergency services and can reach your location quickly.

4. Use Tools or Methods Safely

  • Be cautious about attempting to unlock the car yourself with tools like coat hangers or slim jims. Improper use can damage your vehicle’s locking mechanism or paint.

5. Consider Roadside Assistance

  • Many roadside assistance plans include services for lockouts. Contact your provider to see if this service is covered under your plan.


Q1: How can a locksmith unlock my car without the key?

Locksmiths use specialized tools that can manipulate the locking mechanism without the key, such as wedges and rods.

Q2: Will unlocking my car with a coat hanger damage it?

Using a coat hanger or similar tools can potentially damage your vehicle’s door frame or locking mechanism. It’s safer to rely on professional locksmiths.

Q3: How long does it take for a locksmith to arrive?

Response times vary based on location and time of day. Many locksmiths offer rapid response times for emergency lockout situations.

Q4: Can I prevent future car lockouts?

Keeping a spare key with a trusted person or in a secure location can help prevent lockouts. Additionally, consider programming a digital spare key or installing a smart lock system.


Experiencing a car lockout can disrupt your plans, but knowing how to handle it can minimize stress and inconvenience. Whether you choose to contact a locksmith or use roadside assistance, having a plan in place can ensure a swift resolution to your lockout situation.

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