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Sealed Mylar bags

The Extensive Use of Vacuum Sealed Bags:

The thing about packaging is that it has diverse and unimaginable uses not in just one particular industry but in many. One packaging may target many Industries and brands at one time, this makes packaging a very dependable service. The larger the industry or brand is, the more promising and large scale packaging you will be needing for it. Vacuum sealed bags are one of the most useful series of bags that targets many brands and industries. This means that many brands and industries depend on this superb packaging for bringing out the best for their product.


Packaging bags may have technical names but their manufacture is very simple but massive. These bags have remarkable functions that make them a lot more superior and desirable. The biggest flex that these bags have is the fact that they target more than just one industry. This means that more than one industry considers using these bags for their products. These bags are basically manufactured by evacuating oxygen from the packaging before the bag has been sealed. The reasons why and for what it is done shall be discussed for better understanding.

The Functions Of Vacuum Sealed Bags:

If you’re from the food industry, you would know what these bags mean for so many food items. However, good news is that these bags not only target food items but other items such as clothes and plastic items too. Since oxygen is evacuated from these bags before sealing, the products inside are not vulnerable to spoilage due to moisture and oxygen exposure. The shelf life of so many items including food is only increased because of these amazing series of bags. Their efficiency lasts up to 6 months.

Brands Design Their Own Packaging:

You would definitely want your product to come in a packaging that looks just like you may have imagined. If dealing in products that are dry and not raw. Custom vacuum seal bags are the ideal examples of how you can achieve the packaging of your dreams. From logo printing to size selection and labeling, you get to decide all. This is the ultimate benefit of customization that not all companies offer. 

Product Welfare With The Right Packaging:

Be it food or any other product, the right packaging is the foremost thing as a brand you should consider. Product welfare does not come only with good quality, but with good packaging too. A packaging that accommodates the product without pushing it into the realms of spoilage. Vacuum seal mylar bags have always proven to be wonderfully efficient for products that may result in spoilage if exposed to oxygen. In order to increase the shelf life of so many items to at least six months these bags are absolutely ideal. 

How Packagly Helps With Quality and Diverse Packaging:

Packagly is not only a company, but a solution house for every product that needs a good packaging in terms of quality, satisfaction and diversity. From smell proof bags to air tight bags the company is skilled enough to manufacture all. These packaging bags are not just bags, but a gateway for brands to help their products grow and progress in the best possible way.

Food, Health, Clothing Department:

These are the major industries of any nation. This means that the packaging for their products can not afford any risks. For each of these Packagly has a series of packagings that the products can really benefit from. Smell proof bags being the signature bag series is what’s trending for tobacco and food industries. But the collection does not stop here because the diversity is unbelievable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1. What are Smell Proof Bags Made of?

Answer. These bags are made from polyethylene terephthalate. A tough and strong polymer.

Q.2. Is it okay to store high fat foods in mylar bags?

Answer. Such foods cannot cannot be stored in mylar bags as they will turn rancid in a few months.

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